Good luck to all competitors at the event, the Organising Committee has worked hard to bring you the Victorian Championships.

For those riding in the Toorak College Inter Schools Championships and the MotorOne Participation Championships who may not have ridden at an open championships before, we hope you enjoy the experience but remember that the event will be run strictly in accordance with Equestrian Australia Dressage Rules, General Regulations, Medication Control Policy and the FEI Equine Anti–Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations.

Please Note: for those riders without a bridle number you will be assigned one. Check the FINAL draw for details and please make sure you have a number holder suitable for bridle or saddlecloth. Horses must have their ID number on at all times when out of the stable.

Complete competitor information can be found below, or download the Competitor Information PDF.


Please be familiar with the rules for State Championships.

10.4 Withdrawals

a) no competitor shall withdraw from a competition within eight hours of its commencement without the permission of the OC.

b) a written statement giving reasons for any withdrawal must be handed to the Secretary of the Event prior to the commencement of the competition.
c) penalty for non-compliance [may attract a fine]
d) horses withdrawn may be subject to a veterinary inspection.

Withdrawal forms will be available at the Event Office. We ask that all withdrawals are notified by 4pm the day prior to the competition to ensure draws are as up to date as possible. Please notify withdrawals prior to the event via email, admin@vydc.com.au or at the event office.
Updated draws for the next day will be available by 8pm the night before, on the website and at the Event Office.

Arena familiarisation

Timetables will be available at the Event Office.

Times will be strictly adhered to. Remember as per the rules, you can only ride on the arenas at the times assigned by the OC or you will be eliminated.


Bridle numbers

are compulsory.

They must be on each side of the horse and easily visible at all times when the horse is out of the stable (exercising, competing, grazing, lunging etc.)

For those competitors who do not have a bridle number please check the draw as you will be assigned one and you need to supply a number holder (bridle / headstall / saddlecloth)


The qualifying score for advancing to the Freestyles is 58%.

Music can be uploaded herewww.musikur.com.au/uploads/2019/vydc

Music check timetables will be available at the Event Office. You may choose to ride your horse during the music check but it is not a freestyle practice, just a sound check for quality and volume.

Horse ID Documents (Registration papers)

It is compulsory to have your EA ID documents with you at an official event. Please remember to bring them with you.

Stabling and Camping

are administered by Boneo Park with allocations lists published on the website www.boneopark.com.au.

Enquiries to events@boneopark.com.au or 03 5986 3006.

Please be respectful of the venue and fellow competitors.


is the responsibility of the competitor and can be ordered from Total Animal Supplies in Mornington.

For all orders please phone 03 5976 8880.

Day parking

Riders with horses and floats may park in the yard area, please do not park in a campsite.


Are welcome at Boneo Park but must be kept on a lead and away from stables and competition arenas.

Boutique Equines Welcome Sausage Sizzle

will be held on Friday 18 January at approximately 6.30pm at the Riders Retreat Café.

The Famous Dog Races

will also be held on Friday night in the Indoor arena.

Time to be confirmed.

The Dancing Horse Gourmet Barbeque

will be held on Saturday 19 January at 7pm at the Riders Retreat Café.

Tickets $15 at the Event Office. Limited numbers.


Will take place on the deck at the soon to be completed restaurant building.

All placegetters are expected to attend presentation as it is very important to our sponsors who make the effort to attend. Presentations showcase our sport. Competition gear to be worn as there will be several photographers present. Failure to attend presentations will result in prize money and / or prizes being forfeited. Presentations are unmounted. Presentation times will be available at the Event Office.

A full presentation schedule will be available at the event office and on this website.

The Restaurant

the new Boneo Park restaurant building is eagerly awaited. Unfortunately the completion date does not cover our event.

You are reminded that parts of the restaurant are still classified a building site so no access to these areas allowed.

The Event Office, scorers and commentary will all be located in the building, the restaurant and café are not yet open.

Important Contacts

Withdrawals / enquiries: admin@vydc.com.au

Enquiries: Jan Smith 0417 527412

Feed: Total Animal Supplies 03 59768880 (please give plenty of notice for deliveries)

Vet: Main Ridge Vet Clinic 03 59896232

Stewarding, Technical or Medication Control enquiries: Jan Smith 0417 527412

Eating Out

Just a tiny selection of restaurants in the area:

  • Rosebud Country Club Restaurant Rosebud 5950 0800
  • Red Hill Estate Winery 5989 2838
  • Rosebud GPO 5982 3200
  • Alatonero (McCrae) 5981 1202
  • The Baths (Sorrento) 5984 1500
  • Baha Mexican (Rye) 5985 2077
  • Rosebud Thai (Rosebud) 5982 3826
  • Paul Louey Chinese (Rye) 5985 4945

Riders in the Toorak College Interschool Championships should be aware that this event is run under Equestrian Australia Rules.





Riders are to wear their school shirt (and tie if part of uniform) with school jumper, light coloured jodhpurs and smooth‐ soled, low‐ heeled boots.

Gloves are compulsory for Dressage, preferably light coloured.

Gaiters and long boots may be worn. Riding jackets are NOT to be worn.

Under EA Dressage Rules riders can remove a jacket (for IS a jumper) if the weather is hot. You do not require permission to do this.

View Dressage rules >


Riders must wear an approved helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times.

Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:

  • Current Australian standard AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI Global marked. 
  • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI Global marked.
  • Current American standards ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or standard SNELL E2001. 
  • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.

Medication Control

This event is run in accordance with the Equestrian Australia Medication Control Policy (2018) and the FEI Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations.

If you are unsure if any medication that you are using is permitted, please check the EA WEBSITE



Donna Desmet


Jan Smith